Team Members

Joseph Acampora

My name is Joseph Acampora. I am a cub scout and I love to do math. One of my favorite sports is football. I also like to write and draw in my notebook. I know that I will like working in this group because I know everyone and we are hard working.

Elisabeth Kim

My name is Elisabeth Kim. I love painting and drawing and I love building with Legos. I like our Lego team because we all know each other and we all love building and playing with Legos. Some things I do in my pastime are, drawing and painting, playing with my younger siblings and doing a lot of reading.

Joshua Kim

My name is Joshua Kim. I like playing with legos and coding. I like playing outside and playing games. I also like to draw and write. I'm a twin and I have 3 siblings. The lego team is very fun.

Nicholas Norfleet

Yumi Tonachel

My name is Yumi Tonachel. I am a Girl Scout and I love arithmetic. I ride my bike a lot and play soccer. I also have a passion for reading and I love being in the First Lego League group. I love coding and building with legos so it is very fun.

Isabella Reidy

My name is Isabella Reidy I am a 5th grader at George Washington Elemetry School. I am a Girl Scout and I play a lot of sports like golf, taekwondo, field hockey and rock climbing. I love to build Legos and program our robots.

James Zeppieri

My name is James Zeppieri. I love playing Nintendo games mostly Mario. I also like legos, my favorite sport would be running. my favorite type of lego is lego city. Since I like video games, coding would be fun but I did not know that the legos were lego Technic. But still it is going to be fun building and coding.